Journey. Path. Purpose.

I’m on a journey… that will lead to a path… and on that path I will find my purpose!

Powder Day @ Park City / Canyons (3.19.18)

I wrote this affirmation in my journal back on March 19, 2018. I wish I could remember the spark of inspiration that led me to write it, I’d like to give credit where credit is due. According to my travel calendar, I spent that day shredding on clouds of powder at Canyons in Park City, Utah.  It was originally scheduled to be a “rest day”, with a leisurely drive to the next mountain on the itinerary, because surely by then my body would be screaming for a break. At this point, I was 14 days into my six week “2018 Epic Snowboard Road Trip” and I had crushed mountains across Southern Utah and Colorado every day up until that point. I opted to exchange my two other previously scheduled “rest days” for “snow days” as well.  My body was still feeling great and I woke up to 6″ of fluffy new pow sitting on top of the 2 feet that accumulated over the past two days.  If that wasn’t enough justification to postpone the drive, the blue bird skies that greeted me when I opened the hotel blinds were the icing on the cake. There is only one option on a day like that, you freaking RIDE! I hit the road later that afternoon to drive to Jackson Hole Wyoming, where I would be blessed with additional feet of snow over the following days. Sometime during the course of that amazing day, this quote materialized in my consciousness and I wrote it down. The trip was certainly EPIC, but this post isn’t about that trip. It’s about why I’m starting this blog, and the quote above sums it up beautifully.

Late in 2017, I finally gave into the ever growing voice in my head urging me to step away from my career and leave the concrete jungle to reconnect with the wondrous world that gave rise to you and I. The whispers of the ocean waves, snow capped mountains, and the spectacular mysteries of the natural and ancient worlds became too loud to ignore any longer.  For every one thing I checked off my bucket list, I added 10 more.  At this time, I was abundantly aware that I going through everyday life with exactly zero purpose or passion and I was deeply lost.  I needed a BIG change. It was time to focus all of my energy where it mattered most, on myself!  So, on January 1st, 2018, I set off on a year of travel… I guess you could say to “find myself”… and the 6 months since have no doubt been an incredible journey.

The path I followed was certainly unexpected, one that looking back I can only describe as being guided by forces outside of my control. The experience was much more of “what I needed” than “what I was seeking“, and I am grateful to have been pulled in the directions I was along the way.  I encountered numerous opportunities to step way far out of my comfort zone in exchange for what at times seemed like a high level of risk, with an uncertain amount of reward in return. My heart drew me towards several of these detours, despite my logical mind trying its damnedest to convince the rest of me to play it safe and stick to the plan. Each time I made that leap of faith, I faced difficult and uncomfortable challenges, but in the end, each one accelerated my journey in exciting new directions and further fueled my desire to make sense of this thing we call reality and to begin to live life in the best way possible.  The universe sent me synchronicities every step of the way, as if to make sure I knew I was right where I was supposed to be and as subtle reminders that I should continue to trust and follow my heart.  After originally feeling like I was veering way off course, I’ve come full circle and I am back to planning trips to many of the destinations at the top of my bucket list.  My experiences thus far have drastically altered the lens through which I view the world, bringing about a whole new understanding and appreciation for why I was drawn to all of these sacred places to begin with.  Maybe I’m further along than I was giving myself credit for.

I’m starting to see how the journey has been propelling me towards a path all along. I wont try to predict where it’s ultimately leading me, because every time I think I know, I’m catapulted in strange new directions.  We’ll all just have to wait and see how that one plays out.  In the meantime, I have some really exciting travel plans over the next several weeks leading up to checking-off the very first item that I added to my bucket list when I started keeping track of it. Needless to say, I am beyond stoked for that adventure! I’ve been prodded by people to start a blog ever since I began traveling, and I originally resisted with an arsenal of lame excuses. I finally heard the call, and I’m looking forward to sharing with you my experiences visiting all the beautiful, mysterious, and other worldly places that I am blessed to have the opportunity to travel to. My hope is that you read my blog with awe and inspiration, that it encourages you to take a new look at the world with child like wonderment, and that something I share leaves a lasting and positive impact on you in some way.

Thank you for joining me on this wild adventure.  I’m glad you’re here and so grateful I get to share this with you.

Much love to everyone who inspired me to start this blog.

<3 Matt


  1. 408down says:

    Favorite awareness statement from this entry:”The universe sent me synchronicities every step of the way, as if to make sure I knew I was right where I was supposed to be and as subtle reminders that I should continue to trust and follow my heart.” Perfecto <3

  2. Yane says:

    This is inspiring and beautiful, I’m going thru a life change, I can relate to your story! Following the path of love is what the whole humanity should do. We are lucky to have been awaken.

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